Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier - Street photographerThe recently discovered street photographer, Vivian Maier's work is now being posted up on Flickr. After reading a blog post about the taking photos as an act in itself and not for the want to display or even look at them afterwards. She had boxes full of un-developed film from years of shooting people and places around Chicago. In today's instant-share-everything world, it's difficult to imagine that solitary body of work that was physically piling up in her room and storage areas and not wanting to show someone what you create. Even yourself.

From the few images I've seen, she seemd to have an ability to be invisible even when she was standing right in front of someone taking their portrait. The person looking past the lens to something or someone just out of sight. It feels like something is just about to happen if you stare at the images for long enough, like they might start moving.