After sitting at a stop street waiting for the light to change, I decided I probably should not be riding and took a break at a cafe in Surry hills. I ordered a coffee and a chicken and avo melt and sat down to enjoy a quiet snack when I overheard the guy at another table talking about the Mardu Gras party and how he hadn't met anyone who had gin to it yet. 'I went to it' I shouted out to him. 'And now you have met someone who has gone' I added expecting that to be the end of it. Next thing I know, I'm sitting at his table eating my sammich and listening to him describe how he was in the very first parrade and what life was like back then for him. Rob seems like a bit of a character which works quite well because he is a writer of some sorts. Guess I'll have to find him again and ask what he has written the next time.