The colour blue

So I got it into my head this afternoon that it would be fun to go down and play with the boogie board in the waves. This is where it gets a bit coincidental.

I had just finished a beer (a blue tongue that had been left behind after a BBQ) and went to put on my blue swimmers.

I pulled out my blue boogie board and noticed I was also wearing a blue shirt.


But I wasn't going to change even though I looked like I was trying to impersonate the sky.

Down on the beach, the whole foreshore was covered in bluebottles.

'Fuck that' was my first reaction but then the manly side of me reared up and in a beer buzz haze came up with a brilliant idea:

I'll just swim between them!

So I did.

The waves were all mushy and came in from 2 angles as they usualy do on a bad day in Bondi but I was not detured and stayed the rough seas for a good 10 minutes before I started feeling sore and hungry, so I made my way in and hobbled onto the beach past a surfer going out who took one look at me and said "guess there are a lot of blue bottles out"

I looked down and saw the whole front of my chest was red from the bloody bastards stingers.

But I felf happy in the knowledge that I finally know what they feel like when they sting you.