Skull Question- Which do you like more?


I have done 3 different looks for a image I created today. Which one do you like more?  

Death rising Orange with graffiti

Death rising Green

Death rising Grey


Making the image

In case anyone was wondering, I stuck Garry the skull into my basin, filled it with water and added a few cups of milk to cloud the water. Snapped a few photos using just the natural light from the  window and popped them into photoshop.

Skull in the sink filled with milk and water.


Garry has many layers.

I used a graffiti brush to add the patterning and did a sort of bleach bypass effect with he help of Alien Skin and some photoshop filters. I think I may try recreate it again using a deeper basin to really make it feel like the skull is rising from the murky water but that will have to wait for another Saturday when I'm taking a break. :)