I arrived in Nottingham with the second worst jet lag I have ever had. I was supposed to meet Ceri on the platform but she was nowhere to be seen. Strange thoughts flooded into my head. 'She had said England and not Ireland right?' 'Why don't you write these things down dumb ass.' 'Oh look there is Ceri.' 'Why is that old dude with no pants on smiling at me?'CERI!!ANTON!{Big Hug}'Hey Ceri, I've missed you' 'Oh! You have pierced your lip......... Cool'A Burger King burger and a 7 hour train trip later and we arrived in Edinburgh. You know, the first 3 days in Scotland I didn't meet a single Scottish person. Just Spanish and Indians. But wow, what a beautiful city.Ceri's flat was on the corner of the Meadows. Just the right distance from everything but far enough so that you had to walk past beautiful places to get there.

We cleaned and fixed up her flat most of the time we were there and the rest of the time we wondered around the city seeing plays and street performances during the Fringe festival.

You can get free tickets to see shows by signing onto

Ceri decided to be smart and rent out her flat to backpackers during the Fringe festival to bring in some extra cash. We put up a flyer at the internet cafe just around the corner and within a day we got a phone call from a spanish dude who was interested. This is how we met Graciela, Laura, Sergio and Angel.

Sergio and Angel moved in a few days later, as did Anabel, Andrea,

From top Left: Anton, Alistair's friend, Alistair, Sergio, Angel, Charro, Alicia, Laura, Graciela, Andrea and Ceri.

Group Photo in Ceri's flat

Here we went to a club called Espionage with Graciela, Easy Rider Laura, some crazy friend of Graciela's, Tom, me and Ceri is the one lying on the floor taking the photo!


The Fringe festival was the coolest part of being in Edinburgh. The entire city fills up with weird people from all over the world doing weird and funny things in theatres an on the street. We managed to see a whole bunch of free plays just by pitching up a certain places when we got a SMS from fringeforfree and looking for guys wearing weird jackets. While we were waiting for one of the free plays to start we started talking to two other people freezing their asses off drinking a beer who turned out to be producers of a play that was going to start in one or two days time. To cut a short story even shorter, they gave us two tickets to it and we went and watched it.

We thought it was going to be a normal play with funny people saying funny stuff. We was wrong. The whole play was about a typical British family going on holiday down to some beach resort. The father tries to get off with a waitress. The mother trys to get off with some tennis guy, the daughter tries to get off with every other guy and at the end they all literally striped all there clothes off and ran around the room naked for 5 minutes. Which sounds funny but we both walked out of there feeling really depressed. But the rest was cool. We even managed to get tickets to the Tattoo. The Tattoo is not what you think. It is not got to do with big hairy men dressed up in macho clothing trying to pierce another guy with a piece of metal. Its big hairy army dude dressed up in army uniforms whirling guns and swords around trying to pierce each other. See. Its a whole bunch of country's that get there armed forces guys to play music and do parade like stuff for the queen and a bunch of other important people plus a large crowd of normal plebs. Its actually really cool to watch.


The streets are filled with Spanish and French and all manner of Europeans. You even sometimes come across an Englishman and Scotsman while walking around but this is rare. Every 10 meters someone else is doing henna tattoos and hair braiding and making more money than the lawyers and doctors annual salaries that are paying to get their daughters painted and platted. About this time, two more spanish chicks (Laura and Belin) moved in. They were selling hand made jewelry. Belin is a ski instructor in Spain and Laura did something else, but I forget what. My mind is weak.


Anton, their friend, Laura, Belin and Ceri

Manga Man

Anton in a kiltCeri-holding-Anton-in-Kilt.jpg

On a sofa in the Medows

Ceri managed to get some temp work with the Chamber of Commerce. It was quite funny to watch her hike up her skirt in order to climb on her bike to cycle to work, but at least it brought in a bit of extra cash.

I got a job working in a grocery store for a few days. That was until the owner found out that I wanted to move down to Nottingham. Then he told me that he was looking for someone more permanent and I had to take my bicycle and go. Bugger.

Finally, after many weeks and lots of cleaning sessions, the flat was sold, though not for as much as we wanted, but enough!

Then came the panic of trying to pack up the flat and get the furniture into storage. Oh my God. The mad panic and rushing around. We filled a container with all of Ceri's heavy furniture and there was still stuff we left behind. We did get to chop up a bed wit a pair of scissors and a hammer and dumped it in a skip outside. Random violence is always fun. Then it was a short 6 hour drive down to find a new home in Nottingham.