Pain Everywhere

I am so fucking sore all over. On Friday we finally organized to go out drinking with a bunch of guys from work. We ended up sculling a few at Jacksons on George and ripping Danny Boy off for being gay. Not sure if he is but it was still bloody funny. i found out rum can taste like whiskey. Rum that tastes like whiskey is shit and makes you want to throw up. Beer is bad but better than whiskey rum.

After an hour or so Ceri rocked up and the gay jokes continued until we decided to go find another place to be loud and insulting in.

After a good half an hour we landed up at the Chambers Hotel which has the MOST expensive drinks I have seen in a while. $7 for a beer. Bastards!

Anyway, the talk turned serious as the topics lolled from Japanese necrophilia to sodomizing Danny boy.

Saturday I got up feeling like I had been out drinking the night before. Realized I had and swore at the pot plant. Had shower and followed Ceri to a boxing class.

Boxing is fucking hard. Every part of me aches. Even my testicles.

Sunday. Had a huge breakfast with Ceri and her workmate. Perved over hot bird at opposite table. Life is good :)