Light Painting - 1st play with steel wool

My friend Ian and myself have bee seeing a lot online about light painting with steel wool so after a couple of halted opportunaties because of rain, we drove down to Coogee beach and found a spot out of the eyes of the locals and police. Ian had rigged up a cooking whisk on a roap where we stuffed the steel wool into before lighting it up. After a couple of attempts we hit uppon the winning stratergy that you cant have enough steel wool to make fire. More fire. MORE FIRE!!

On a serious note, steel wool is flaming molten miniature death that can hurt you. Like us you should bring safety glasses and long sleeve clothing which we neatly placed in a pile away from where we were working so as not to get damaged and then proceded to set ourselves on fire.

The wind kicked up as soon as we started but this was only a problem when trying to light the steel wool. If its very windy, you can replace the lighter with a 9V battery which works just as well.