India - Day 14 - Jaisalmer

The morning started with a visit to the tank which was a dam that supplied the town with water. Apparently now the hygiene factor hasn't been so good and the water is undrinkable. As usual there were a few temples around the tank and some lucky animals to feed. This time it was catfish. They like to eat loaves of bread and chapatis. PHOTO OF CATFISH On the way out there was a little Covent Garden starting up and a band of minstrels. They should have been in school but instead were out making a quick rupee. Anton got the camera out and was so intently taking kodak moments that he didn't realised that the roll of toilet paper under his arm dropped onto the ground and unfruled down the ramp. This amused the French tourists to see the length of our toilet paper careening towards them. At least he got some good photos. PHOTO OF MINSTRELS AT TANK Anton, Ceri and Sari then headed to the old fort on the hill while Ben-ji went back to the pad to check on Janelle who had taken the morning off ill.From the fort you could see why they called this the golden city. The place is mostly built out of yellow sandstone that rises from the sands of the flat desert. Anton was excited to find cannons on the fort walls that rivalled the missles from the other night in Jodhpur. PHOTO OF ANTON AND CANNON