India - Day 13 - Jaisalmer

We left the hotel at about 8.30 to head for the much anticipated Mehranngarh Fort, pearched high on the hill in Jodhpur and overlooking the whole city. We headed up the winding mountain and were amazed from the moment we arrived. After paying our usual 'tourist price' to enter, we soon learned our money was well spent. The process of paying and then recieving your headset and map was done with German precision, unlike all of our previous excursions. With the headset you were guided around the entire fort and given detailed explanations at every opportunity. It was an amazingly intricate and well preserved building and everything was visible for all to explore at their leisure. We travelled around exploring listening to what Ben thought was Kamal and hearing tid bits from the current Maharaja, his wife and mother. Definately our best fort experience so far. Actually the best tour of any kind yet, very organised adnd un-Indian. PHOTOS FROM FORT After the fort we headed to Jaisalmer, which took a while as we had to avoid the million and one army trucks. We were told by Rej that this was the regional army headquarters as we were so close to the Pakistani border. Can't wait until we hit Amritsar! ARMY TRUCKS? The drive was long and hot and we noticed the ever increasing amount of desert that was surrounding our car, and sometimes road. We had booked at a 'palace' in Jaisalmer, but it turned out that after we stepped over the open sewer and were shown our cupboard size room, it was anything but. We moved to the cheaper option suggested by a very tired and weary Rej.After checking in we were treated to wonderful hot showers. That is except for Sari who missed out, deciding to wait until after dinner. Whoops, the hot water was turned off! Sily Sari! We asked Rejendra to dinner tonight and he took us to a local roof top restaurant. We all enjoyed the yummy food and Rej's company, it was like having an extra tour buddy that could order our food and get it served to us quickly. We were even charged 'local prices' and knew what we were eating.