India - Day 12 - Jodhpur

A very big Happy Birthday to Leo (Anton's brother) and Graeme (Janelle's brother).Jodhpur is known as the blue city because of all the houses that are painted blue. Originally this indicated a Brahmin's (holy man) house. But then all the local saw the clickity-clack of cameras and soon all the Joneses were getting in on the act. It does make for some nice photos. Also this is where the riding pants came from. We think the maharaja who founded the city was into horses and made famous those pants. Here is a photo of a man from Jodhpur wearing jodpurs in Jodhpur. PHOTO OF MAN IN JODPURSWe arrived late in the afternoon but still in time to go to the cenotaph. A memorial to the maharaja and his wives and children. The maharaja who the place is built in honour of had 26 wives who commited sati when he died. That is they volutarily (so they say) joined his funeral pyre and burnt to death. There is also a memorial built to a peacock who (again accidentally) also flew into the burning pyre. We all eagerly looked for the peacock cenotaph, but couldn't see anything that resembled anything 'bird-like'. Luckily we had a guide that took a fancy to us who had followed us down and showed us the small sqaure cement slab that had once been the peacock's cenotaph until vandals destroyed it. We all stood and imagined what it might have been.

As we had arrived so late we were then shooed out of the grounds by a guard with a big stick. Sari and Ceri took a little longer and we hoped that he didn't find the urge to use his big stick on them!We then checked into our hotel, where we opted for a shared room. All five of us in the one room, what a treat!! It was lovingly decorated by the 'gay' attendant that showed us our room. Anton enjoyed playing with all the missiles, comparing their sizes to various body parts, actually only one body part comes to mind, see for yourself in the photos. PHOTOS WITH MISSILES.That night Raj told us we should go to the tourist restaurant and we enjoyed the 'tourist priced' food at On The Rocks. We kept ourselves amused while waiting for our food by checking to see if a dove in the tree above us was real or fake. Ben in his best dove mating call made some sounds, but it appeared to lack the Hindi accent so no response was achieved. Janelle decided that the quickest way to tell was to throw a stone at it. Having made a poor attempt and throwing like a girl missed the bird completely. Anton then grabbed a handful of stones and launched them in the dove's direction. A result was finally achieved, the dove slowly moved its head and we decided it was real enough for us!After dinner we headed to an icecream place that our gay room attendant had suggested. It was a tiny street stall where they make the icecream fresh daily. We tried the Mewari Kulfi which is a local specialty. Everyone had a different view on what the icecream tasted like, some said pumpkin pie while others said custard. All in all everyone enjoyed the treat.