India - Day 10 - Udaipur

We were greeted at 8 am by our driver Rajendra, who would be taking us around Rajasthan for the next 11 days. He looks like an Indian Clarke Gable and acts very cool. At first he was soooo cool that we thought he was aloof and didn't take a liking to us.

But soon a fondness emerged and now every time we do an afternoon stop at a roadside chai shop for a break, he shouts us a round of tea. Rej has a Toyota Qualis for our style and comfort (as the ad says). Now we finally have one of those bigger and faster cars for our journey. It is amazing to watch things just clear out of our way with a few persistent beeps of the horn. Udaipur was to be the first of the great Rajasthani kingdoms we would visit. We stayed in the old city with its narrow streets and winding alleys of this medieval town. Rej the driver, wasn't too happy at our choice as this part of the city too small for our Toyota Qualis to fit down. He grumbled and mumbled as he tried to find a suitable place to drop us that was close enough. We found the streets were congested enough for us to be able to walk to most things. We stayed in a place that was right on the lake and had great views of where we preferred to be living it up at the Lake Palace Hotel.


To make up for our more humble residence we splurged on a meal at Jagat Newars. We nabbed the best seat in the house. They even had a couple of musicians playing on tablas and a sitar. This was most enjoyable until they started up Frere Jacques and this song would soon haunt us at tourist sites to come. Unfortunately Sari had second serving of her dinner when she threw it up again. She was the first to succumb to a viral type cold that would soon catch on with the rest of the group.