In the city

Walking around the city today after missing the train on the way to an open house, I stared to notice that I have a preconceived notion that all the weird looking packs of people walking around in flannel shirts have to be Christians, wide eyed from the country side or from the furthest bayou in America coming to our small big city.My initial reaction is some form of assault on them by throwing pornography or the Koran at them. And I'm not the only one who feels like they have to almost physically drum some worldly sense into them. Many people seem to have a aversion to them. Maybe its the large Christian populous in America that breeds the hate. Associating one culture with another. Or is it because they have become the norm that people dislike them. Our culture usually speaks for the underdog or the subculture, raising them up as being cool or enlightened rather than the rest of the sheep who follow the norms.

Speaking of sheep, I walked past the Apple store and kept on walking when I saw the line of people around the block trying to get an iPhone. I want one but not that badly. I've just had a really bad cup of coffee in Kinokuniya before I try find some presents for 2 friends birthdays. Two very different friends. But both girls so I guess I can cop out and just get them girly soapy things.