Dolly's Pet

A while ago a friend of mine (Damien Sanchez)  and I got together to create something weird. Something Strange. Something you wouldn't put on this years Christmas cards.  Collaberation between Anton Rehrl, Damien Sanchez and Erin and her two crazy dogs :)


We took inspiration from Nicoletta Ceccoli, an incredible surrealistic painter that creates some unsettling images of girls. Great stuff and totally worth checking out. Damien found her on the Intertubes and we roped in his friend Erin Allison and her two mini dogs (Monty and Django) to come and model for us. Luckily Erin was definitely the Alpha of her little pack and kept the two of them in line so we could grab a couple of pictures of them before they ate me. I probably had the smell of my cats on me which was like blood for sharks (they weren't that bad, I just exaggerate a lot)

Katherine Nicoletta Ceccoli



Photo by Damian Sanchez

The idea of this was to both come up with something different but still in the same theme of the inspiration painting. That way we still collaborated and got to play around in Photoshop afterwards.

I composited the images in Photoshop and grunged it up a bit with some textures from the interwebs. I used some old film textures to try make it look like an old daguerreotype photo.dogs

dogs 2