Omg. I wondered downstairs in the morning to find half of Tokyo having breakfast in the dining area of my hotel. Most of them left shortly afterwards but it was a bit of a shock when I was expecting Americans and Australians to dominate the landscap. After a hearty breakfast and a strong cup of black juice, I headed onto the beach and landed up in the middle of a huge precession of Balaniese all dressed up with ornimental parasols, staffs and flaggs walking down followed by musicians bearing a chant that sounded like some kind of jungle techno/ acid music. I so want the soundtrack. 'That was awesome' I thought to myself coz I had no one to share it with and it would be a bit weird to say of out aloud and decided to to explore the alleyways a bit which turned out to be my first mistake. After a good 3 hours walking I finnaly asked someone where I was.Turns out I was 2 towns away from where I started, bugger. One quick taxi ride and I was back in Kuta enjoying a bowl of Gado gado and a large beer. The hotel had given me a complimentiry massage so I took them up on that offer and had my weary feet rubbed back to the living. When the evening finaly came, I wondered down to the beach again to watch the sunset and crack open a beer while the local kids swarmed around me and the other tourists trying to sell us bangles. I gota get some ice for my beer:/