365 Project


The 365 Photo Project Everyone who has started one of these and continued to the end has had the same thing to say about it. "It made me think differently. It made me work at what I love. It made me a better artist."

I have been putting it off for far too long but I am sitting here at my computer thinking about all the photos I have taken and never edited and how instead of actually working on something of my own I will pop open a book or video and learn instead of doing. That has been going on for far too long.

Well today is the day I am kicking myself in the bum and making a public declaration that I am going to do my own 365 project. I love photography and editing. The flow of creating something from start to finish is an intoxicating drug and a delicate seed. It can give you an extreme high but it is something that needs to be cultivated all the time. It is not like heroin or riding a bicycle. Something you should probably not try at the same time... but that's a bit off topic.

I am going to do mine a little differently. Instead of making a photo every day, I will either take one or edit one from our library of the past 2 years. Being permanently busy tends to cut into personal work. (also this is seriously going to impact on watching cat videos on Reddit)

Anyway, here goes!