We went to watch Garbage last night at Fox studios with Vicky and some of her friends. We had a spare ticket that we were trying to sell but nobody wanted it from me. Guess you can’t blame them. I wouldn’t buy a ticket (again) in case it was faked or you get nabbed by the bacon. I ended up giving it to some bloke for free and told him to buy me a beer on the inside. I never saw him after that. I was expecting to hear only one or two songs I recognized but it turns out that most of what they sung I had heard before and had been big on the radio. My God she has a fine ass?. I got to perv at her in her short shorts for most of the night and the rest of the time dance like a monkey. Who knew she was from Edinburgh. You sure can’t tell when she sings but when she talks it comes out like molasses. I do love that accent (and the shorts).

I saw this guy outside who looks like a UNIX programmer with the fat gut and UNIX beard walking around in tight black leather pants and a bandage style vinyl top carrying a diet Pepsi and a bar of chocolate. I really should have taken a picture of him for the “What the fuck” wall of fame.

Afterwards we staggered across the road to the pub and got a bit more tipsy before we broke out into song and staggered home.